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FireFlame Fingerboards




Welcome to the FireFlame TrickTips page. In this page you will learn tips on how to do tricks on a fingerboard. You will learn step-by-step, and learn Ollies to Impossibles and much more.


1. Ollie. To do an ollie put your back finger on about the very tip of the tail, and your front finger close, or on the front bolt. Then get to know your board and get comfortable with its shape and kicks. Start by rolling forward and pop the tail as hard as you can but not too hard. If you are completely new to fingerboarding, I would recommend kicking hard, but once you get better, you usually dont have to push as hard. After kicking the tail, move both your fingers forward on the board, or move your front finger only ( what ever you feel more comfortable with ) without your fingers leaving the board, and try to catch it. Slam down, but again not too hard!! Keep practicing it as much as you can, and trust me it can be very difficult!! Try getting the motion too, that helps a load! Try doing it on your arm or leg, even your bed because it bounces it up.

         Just keep practicing and you will get it!

Thanks for reading, and I hope this helped!



Hey guys I'm back with the second part of the TrickTips.

2. Kickflip

This time you will be learning the kickflip. The most important skills to have for the kickflip is to have the ollie down perfectly, or at least be able to ollie half a foot in the air and catch it. So once you get the ollie down you can do the kickflip.

Start by rolling forward a bit fast, put your back finger on the tip of the tail, and your front finger almost in the middle of the board, basically almost like an ollie. Then pop the tail a bit hard and you can either slide, your front finger all the way to the nose and of the board, like on a skateboard, or you could flick your fingers toward you. Then as soon as you see the grip on your board slam the board down, but not really hard! Now you have done a kickflip. For beginners, I would recommend kickflipping low so you dont over roatate it. Overroatating is the #1 problem most people have doing the kickflip. To prevent it, just try to do it a bit low. If it still overroatates I would recommend using a wider board, like a 29mm, 30mm, or even 32mm depending on your preference. Those are most of the ways to prevent overroatating. Trust me it can me very challenging! Good Luck!

Hope you enjoyed reading this week's TrickTips, and it helped!



Hey everyone back again for the TrickTips, sorry for the delay!

3. Varial Kickflip.

  For the Varial Kickflip, you should know how to do a kickflip and a 180 Pop Shuvit, and Ollie. To do a Varial kickflip, place you fingers how you would for a kickflip, then while doing the kickflip, do a 180 shuvit to finish of the trick. To help for this trick, I would reccommend doing a 180 kickflip and after a bit of practice with it, slowly try catching the board without turning you hand for the 180 turn. That helped me alot while doing it so I hope it helped you!

Remember Practice makes Perfect, and don't try too hard!

Thanks, hoped this helped!



Hey everyone I’m finally back again for the Trick Tips!! Sorry a lot for the enormous delay!  

4. Tre-Flip. (360 flip) 

 For the Tre-flip, you should know how to do a kickflip, ollie, shuvit, and a 360 pop-shuvit too. To do a treflip, you need to place your index finger toward the left of the board, and your middle finger on the right of the board, sort of place your fingers toward the edge of the board on both sides, but not too much! So you want to start by rolling at pretty much the regular speed, and then try to pop the board, but you kind-of want to flick your index finger forward, and then you want to scoop your back finger, sort-of... You would scoop it so that it gets the 360 shuvit, and the front finger flick forward so you can get in the kickflip. You want to do those motions and movements at the same time though. So once you do that, just make sure your not doing like a random flip, or it’s overrotating, if you are not doing that and it’s not happening then you are pretty much set. Then land it and you could land it firmly on your surface or desk so that you don’t mess up the flip. That’s about it everyone, and I hope you all enjoy learning this trick, and mastering it, and... Good Luck!!!! See you next time on... TrickTips!

Don’t try too hard, but you still got to have fun!!




Well, after not posting on here for quite a while, I am back!  

5. 360 Pop Shuvit

For me, I learned 360 Pop Shuvits after learning the Tre Flip, it might be wierd, but let's get back to to tutorial.

A 360 Pop Shuvit is essentially a shuvit that you spin once, except you pop it.  It be a good idea to learn to shuvit and pop shuvit before attempting this trick.

First thing you should do is place your fingers slightly differently than you would for a treflip; put your front finger towards the middle of the board, and put you back finger towards the tip of the tail.  The position should look similar to the treflip position.  From there, you are going to pop the board and let your back finger move the board away from you, from there on, wait until you see the board spin three-hundred and sixty degrees, or spin in the shape of a circle.  If you are having trouble with the board spinning, just keep practicing the motion of your back finger spinning the board away from you.  And as always, you can play around with the positioning to fit what best works for you.  

Well, that would be about it for this TrickTip!  Hope you got something out of it, keep practicing!  

- Adnaan